All aspects of society life will be increasingly competitive in the future. This kind of condition demands mankind to always upgrade their qualities and information is everything. In the era of information technology like nowadays, a concept has arise that “those who control the information, whether that is a businessman, a politician or scientist then they will hold the control of every aspect of life.”

RUMAH MEDIA™ was established in 2004 and is a group of young men that poses creativity in interactive multimedia, which then crystallized in becoming ideas to develop Information Technology in Denpasar, Bali, where by every second those idea crystals grow, disburse and collide in every situation.

We would like to serve in an effort to improve the level of society life and strengthen local and national economic endurance through Information Technology and of course to create more business opportunities for Young Digital Entrepreneurs

RUMAH MEDIA™ provides business solutions starting from design, website development, software development and also application development.

RUMAH MEDIA™ is the right place for you to get the complete information technology solutions for your business.

We realize that our effort is still a long way from reaching it's goal, at the least we hope that it can help the course of this nation in achieving just and equal society based on Information Technology which is free and transparent from all forms of practices of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism.

•    To become the leading Information Technology company in Bali in general and particular in Denpasar.

•    To become the front runner Information Technology company in developing quality service, creativity, increasing quality of service, fast, accurate and precise in information technology aspect.

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